Your Favorite Radio Station Want's To Make Your CAR PAYMENT for 1 month !!!!

You must present a copy of your monthly car note, and PPBC,Inc. will only pay up to $650.00 for one month only, one winner per household. If there are any differences less than the allocated $650.00 the balance will not be given to the winner in cash or credit. To qualify for your chance to win everything on the application form must be filled in, or you will be disqualified.


Quick Rules:

Perry Publishing & Broadcasting company (PPBC) or its sponsors will only pay (1) month of a winners car payment up to and not to exceed $650.00. If the car payment is less than $650.00 the winner DOES NOT receive the difference in cash or prizes. If the car payment is more than $650.00 the winner is responsible for paying the difference. All winners of the car payment for (1) month promotion will have the car payment made by PPBC directly to the financial company carrying the note, NOT to the winner.
Winners must present a valid driver license and a current car note (monthly payment)
There can only be one winner per household during the “Pay Your Car Note for One Month promotion by PPBC.
All forms must be filled to its entirety to qualify to win the car payment of the month.



Please Read The Rules & Regulations Before Registering


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